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Nice to meet you

My name is Paul Denis, and I am a certified executive Coaching, a certified NLP practitioner and an accredited Financial Educator. 

I have been in corporate management and a coach for over 20 years, and I am passionate about the topic of mindset and belief.

In my job, I engage with leaders to help them with their team performance, and what I have learned is that belief is not responsive to logic. 

My greatest reward is helping someone identify their belief system and understanding the impact on their life.

This is what also sparked the idea for me to create a website to help and support others in having free information. 

And dive into how your belief and mindset impact your ability and the quest for financial freedom.

This website focuses more on combining my passions with business. Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed helping others.

Especially when it comes to finding success in their lives. One of the greatest blessings in my life is helping people to create a better life for themselves. If I can help others achieve the same, I consider that a life worth living.

Paul Denis self portrait wearing a Bennie with a demy jacket

my blogs

I want to take a few minutes to explain how this blog fits into your options. I am not a clinical psychologist or a financial advisor.

I started writing on this topic because of my own journey and endeavour to seek knowledge and information for financial freedom.

Let’s be real here. Most people will not seek professional advice for various reasons, such as being too expensive or the associated stigma.

The reason I created this blog website is that I want to be mindful of what topic I cover. I believe there’s a stage between following a social media influencer and seeing a professional advisor.

With that in mind, I am careful in writing about something I have knowledge of through my own experience and research.

I step away from something that is outside my core competence, and I will recommend you to seek help from a professional.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking knowledge and help from my blogs or any information on the internet, and nothing wrong with seeking help from someone else.

From my blogs, I will try to make it easier for all of us to seek help and remove the stigma around it. I will make it also easier for you to digest the financial jargon in a simple and easier-to-understand format.

Through my experience and knowledge of being a coach and my quest for financial freedom, it’s not a math problem, it’s a mindset problem.

You need to understand your story about money to transform your relationship with money. Then you will have a greater appreciation of WHY saving, budgeting, spending and investing is important to you.

Each month, I release content that pushes the boundaries of what’s currently known as Money Belief. One month you might read about how your money belief impacts your success in life or business. The next month you might find practical examples of what you can do to transform your relationship with money.”